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Monday, March 16, 2009

March Madness in the Hardwoods

I look forward to this time each year. Between the frosty nights of winter and the warm sunny days of summer, spring arrives on a northwest slope in Wayne County. Here the early bloomers signal the arrival of a new season by carpeting the forest floor with color.
Known as spring ephermals, bloodroot and trout lilies welcome visitors to a scene rare in these parts. They number in the thousands, but last for only a short time. In early spring these natives emerge, bloom and set seeds all in a few weeks then go to sleep until next spring.

Below is a slideshow from last year. I'll return again this season to capture the magic of these woodland beauties.

Plummer's Paradise



Kimberli said...

What a treat that Trout Lily paradise was. I can't believe those beauties grow in such abundance here in ENC.

BTW, the photo isn't showing.

Kelvin Taylor said...

I changed the image so it should now be showing. (I see it).

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