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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Snowy Morning Take Two

February 4th, 2009

The forecast was for snow. When I woke up around 7 a.m. Wednesday morning, I peeked out the window to see a thin blanket of white. At the time, it was snowing lightly. What a change from just 24 hours ago when the temp was near 60 degrees. Call it winter in North Carolina.

Since the ground was still somewhat warm from the recent spring-like temps, I figured the snow accumulation would not be as high as the previous snow two weeks earlier. I patiently waited until the precipitation ended before venturing outdoors.

With my camera in hand, tripod, gloves, and a layer of warm clothes, my first subject was a birdhouse in the backyard. The Leyland cypress (Callitropsis ×leylandii) were covered with snow, and made a wonderful backdrop for my subject. At this point the snow was done, the gray, dreary clouds cleared thus giving way to bright sunshine and a blue sky.

Now the temperature was rising. I felt a need to hurry if I was to capture winter’s latest appearance. After shooting some of the cover covered tree branches in my yard, the next place to go was to the woods. I crossed the open rye field now covered in white, entered the woods via a deer path, and then stopped. Something about walking into a wood on a snowy day is magical. All I heard was the crunch of snow beneath my feet. No sound of birds, wind, traffic, nothing. A quiet peaceful solitude at this moment in time.

As much as I’m enjoying the relaxing feel of the woods, I must make quick of the opportunity. The wind was starting to pickup, which meant the snow-covered forest would be changing as the flakes fell to the ground. In certain situations it’s tricky, well actually down right difficult to capture with a camera what your eye sees. What appears to my eye as a beautiful tangle of snowy branches looks in a photo as a confusing subject devoid of any definition to the viewer. When you look at a photo and have to ask. "What am I lookin at?", then the purpose of the image is gone. So I sought out compositions of form and scale the view could easier ascertain.
It was a wonderful experience to walk through the woods in the snow. I was able to capture some vivid memories of the perhaps last snowfall of the season. They are rare in these parts.

By the time I reached the rye field on the way back home, the snow was vanishing….to return again another day as summer rains, and maybe, just maybe white flakes of crystalline water next winter.

Snowfall Photo Gallery


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